What Tom's Music Place Says About Germind

“In a world of superficiality, Germind defies that notion. In 4 years, he has created over 25 albums and EP's and he is just getting started. Germind music speaks to the heart, mind and soul, and it is Tom's Music Place's intention to make sure every man, woman and child knows of his intense, erotic and powerful instrumental masterpieces. Put on a good pair of headphones, leave all your cares behind, and get into a deeper music, otherwise known as Germind music.” 



Germind - Hiisi

Germind - Ancient Waves

Goa Traveling 1


Goa Elixir

Not Darkness



Industrial Vibrations 2


germind absorbient 2

Absorbient 2 (Cosmicleaf Records)

Quasistellar​ (Plexus)

Flowers (Germind Music)


Absorbient (Cosmicleaf Records)

Flows (Synphaera Records)

Ornament Being (Plexus Music)

Thoughtform (Germind Music)

The Rotten Paradise (Plexus Music)

Relaxation Algorithm (Cosmicleaf Records)

Goddess Of Dreams (Plexus Music)

Antimatter 5

Antimatter Vol. 4 (Cosmicleaf Records)

Antimatter Vol. 3 (Cosmicleaf Records)

Antimatter Vol. 2 (Cosmicleaf Records)

Antimatter (Cosmicleaf Records)

Elusive Shadows (Cosmicleaf Records)

Silhouette Depth (Cosmicleaf Records)

Energy (Plexus Music)

Stargate (Plexus Music)

Coffee For Two (Plexus Music)

Industrial Vibrations (Plexus Music)

Hallucinogenic Elements (Plexus Music)

Deep Adventure (Plexus Music)

Signal From Space (Plexus Music)

Azure Mirages (Plexus Music)

Quantum Stream (Plexus Music)

Psychosphere Antithesis (Plexus Music)

Geometry Of Harmony (Plexus Music)

Lost Dreams (with Cosmic Replicant)

Vibrations (Plexus Music)

Reincarnation (Plexus Music)

The Nonexistent World (Plexus Music)

Starseed (Synphaera Records)

Ethneomystica Vol. 5 (Mystic Sound Records)

Microcosmos Chill-Out, Vol. 3 (Microcosmos ChillOut)

Evening Relaxation (Plexus Music)

Kineta Lounge (Cosmicleaf)

Eguana - Sun (Cosmicleaf)

Chillirium (Plexus Music)

Nectar To Dolphin (Plexus Music)

Honey Of Love (Plexus Music)

Tom's Music Place's Top 50 Germind Songs