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"A smart mix of analog and digital production..."


What Tom's Music Place Says About Nhar


“In a world of superficiality, Nhar defies that notion. In over 10 years, he has created over 15 albums and EP's. Nhar music speaks to the heart, mind and soul, and it is Tom's Music Place's intention to make sure every man, woman and child knows of his intense, erotic and powerful masterpieces. Put on a good pair of headphones, leave all your cares behind, and get into a deeper music, otherwise known as Nhar music.” 



Tom's Music Place's Top 20 Nhar Songs



TMPs Musician Spotlight: Nhar 

1. Oscilation Control
2. Megumi 
3. Crystal Chamber
4. Undam - Nhar Remix
5. Bajoran Moondance
6. Warp 8
7. Cameretta
8. Chani's Acid
9. Mediolanum
10. Equatorial Feedback
11. Wave Frames
12. Sibylle
13. Light Radius
14. Caloris
15. Blue Flame
16. Unkindled
17. Sentience
18. Deltavox
19. Starcore
20. Even in a Dream