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April 2018.

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Tom's. Albums. April 2018.

Omel - It's Time

Shake - Redemption

Japanski Premijeri - Rdeče pike

Dr. Octagon - Moosebumps

Toshio Matsuura Group - Loveplaydance

Ebo Taylor - Yen Ara

Mr. Fingers - Cerebral Hemispheres

Advanced Suite - Suite Dreams

Grouper - Grid of Points

Tony Njoku - In Greyscale

DJ Bone - A Piece Of Beyond

Various Artists - Serbian Style Compiled By KiMo

Chronos & Okolosna - Sonos Mosaic

Earth Connect - M1crOrgan1sm

Kill The Geek - Twin Flame

Unusual Cosmic Process - Frames Of Silence

Dimmat - Emotions

bvdub - A Strangle Isolated Place

The Human Experience - Broken Open

Hieroglyphic Being - The Language Of Strings Vol. 1

Hieroglyphic Being - The Language Of Strings Vol. 2

Hieroglyphic Being - The Language Of Strings Vol. 3

Hieroglyphic Being - The Language Of Strings Vol. 4

Olden Yolk - Olden Yolk

Squadra Omega - Altri Occhi Ci Guardano

Download - LingAM

France Jobin - Intrication

deafheaven - Roads To Judah

Somali Yacht Club - The Sun

Naxatras - III

Seamoon - Archaic Mind

Ancestral Elephants - Eritherium

griff - Aerial One

Sixis - Refraction Point

Lobe - Mere Matter

Sculpture - Zyprazol

Whitebear - MOR

Hudur Shrim - Paris

IooN - Tele Chaishop Music

Makyo - Tribal Dub

Cosmic Replicant - Echo Light

Andorra - Dreamscapes

Cosmic Tone & Cosmic Flow - Boombay

E-Mantra - Folding Time

The Tear Garden - The Brown Acid Caveat

Sol8 - Newborn Planet

Dubsahara - Geonosis

Aesthetic Perfection - Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound

Translippers - Herbalism

Communication Tube - Amener Lumière

Tom's. Songs. April 2018.

Tom's. Books. April 2018.

Ray Sostre - Allison In Wonderland

Kevin Holton - At The Hands Of Madness

Bernard Jan - Look For Me Under The Rainbow

J.D. Palmer - The Monster

David Boyle - The Berlin Affair

Tom's. Movies. April 2018.

Monsters & Men

Boy Undone

Backstabbing For Beginners


Truth Or Dare

It is Not the Pornographer That is Perverse

Diablo In Madrid

Flea Pit

Uber Menschen

Purple Army Fiction

The Misandrists

Scotch Egg



Bad Samaritan

Izzy Gets The Fuck Across Town


The Pass


Love & Bananas

Bernard's. Albums. April 2018.

Kylie Minogue - Golden

CNCO - Cnco

George Ezra - Staying at Tamara's

My Indigo - My Indigo

Twin Shadow - Caer

The Weeknd - My Dear Melancholy,

Breaking Benjamin - Ember

Post Malone - beerbongs & bentleys

Chris Crocker - Chris Crocker

Sting & Shaggy - 44/876

Prof - Pookie Baby

Okkervil River - In The Rainbow Rain

Godsmack - When Legends Rise

Manic Street Preachers - Resistance is Futile

Amen Dunes - Freedom

En Vogue - Electric Café

U-God - Venom

Jim Jones - Wasted Talent

Lisa Stansfield - Deeper

Smoke Dza - Not for Sale

Bernard's. Songs. April 2018.

Bernard's. Books. April 2018.

Jesse Tevelow - Authorpreneur: Build the Brand, Business, and Lifestyle You Deserve. It's Time to Write Your Book - A

Bryan Cohen - How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis - A Step-by-Step System for Enticing New Readers, Selling More Fiction, and Making Your Books Sound Good - A

Angel Ramon - Angel's Nightmare Adventure 3: Nemesis - A

Gisela Hausmann - NAKED TRUTHS About Getting Book Reviews 2018 - A

Gabriel Constans - A BRAVE Year: 52 Weeks Being Mindful - A

Bernard's. Movies. April 2018.

Midnight Sun - D

Creed - C

A Quiet Place - B

Tammy - C

The Strangers: Prey at Night - D

This Is Where I Leave You - C

Lost in the Sun - B

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