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Best of 2021.
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Music 2021
Best/Worst Of 2021: Music

The Best Musician of 2021: Lemongrass

The Best Album of 2021: Lemongrass - Balance

The Best Song of 2021: Third Development - The Thought of Tomorrow

The Worst Album of 2021: Maroon 5 - Jordi

The Worst Song of 2021: Cardi B - Up

The Best Male Singer of 2021: Jon Batiste

The Best Female Singer Of 2021: Dawn Richard

The Most Overrated Male Singer Of 2021: Lil Nas X

The Most Overrated Female Singer Of 2021: Cardi B

The Best Group Of 2021: L'Imperatrice

The Most Overrated Group Of 2021: Maroon 5

The Music Comeback Of 2021: Sneaker Pimps

Books 2021
Best/Worst Of 2021: Books

The Best Fiction Book Of 2021: Eric Nguyen - Things We Lost To The Water

The Best Non Fiction Book of 2021: Alice Bell - Our Biggest Experiment: An Epic History of the Climate Crisis

The Worst Fiction Book of 2021: Charlie N. Holmberg - Spellmaker

The Worst Non Fiction Book of 2021: Tucker Carlson - The Long Slide

Author Of The Year: Marcus Lopés

Movies 2021
Best/Worst Of 2021: Movies

The Best Movie of 2021: Boy Meets Boy

The Best LGBT Themed Movie of 2021: Boy Meets Boy

The Worst Movie of 2021: Cherry

The Best Actor of 2021: Matthew James Morrison

The Best Actress Of 2021: Dawn Olivieri

The Worst Actor Of 2021: Tom Holland

The Worst Actress Of 2021: Kate Hudson

The Breakout Movie Star of 2022: Matthew James Morrison

People 2021
Best/Worst Of 2021: People

Hero of 2021: Anuradha Koirala Gurung

Hero of 2021: David Wicker

Hero of 2021: Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez

Hero of 2021: Kelvin Doe

Zero of 2021: Greg Abbott

Zero of 2021: Tucker Carlson

The Bravest Person of 2021: Sonita Alizadeh

The Peacemaker of 2021: Jonathan Granoff

The Warmaker of 2021: Donald Trump

The Scientist of 2021: Avi Loeb

The Environmentalist of 2021: Pablo Garcia Borboroglu

The Most Annoying Person of 2021: Marjorie Taylor Greene

The Kindest Person in 2021: Keanu Reeves

The Best Newscaster Of 2021: Brianna Keilar

The Funniest Person of 2021: Chloe Fineman

The Idiot Of 2021: Matt Gaetz

Hottest Male of 2021: Matthew James Morrison

Hottest Female of 2021: Dawn Olivieri

Most Annoying Phrase of 2021: "No offense, but…"

Television 2021.
Best/Worst Of 2021: Television

Best Television Show of 2021: Only Murders in the Building

Worst TV Show of 2021: Tucker Carlson Tonight

Best Mini Series or Movie of 2021: Mare of Easttown

Best Actress on Television of 2021: Kate Winslet

Best Actor on Television of 2021: Martin Short

Best Commercial Of 2021: Adidas Originals – “End Plastic Waste”

Sports 2021.
Best/Worst Of 2021: Sports

Athlete Of The Year 2021: Damian Lillard

Male Athlete Of 2021: Carl Nassib

Female Athlete Of 2021: Sha’Carri Richardson

Best Sports Team Of 2021: Portland Trail Blazers

Most Inspiring Athlete Of 2021: Simone Biles

Most Hated Athlete Of 2021: Novak Djokovic

Art 2021.
Best/Worst Of 2021: Art. 

The Best Photograph of 2021: Man Diving In A Glass

The Worst Photograph of 2021: Trump and his supporters on January 6th.

The Best Art Piece Of 2021: Jonathan Ducrest - Finding Beauty in the Abandoned

The Worst Art Piece Of 2021: Damien Hirst - The Currency

The Artist: 2021: Johnny Floyd

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