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Best of 2017.

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Sports 2017
Best/Worst Of 2017: Sports

Athlete Of The Year 2017: Colin Kaepernick

Male Athlete Of 2017: Cristiano Ronaldo

Female Athlete Of 2017: Simone Biles

Best Sports Team Of 2017: Real Madrid

Most Inspiring Athlete Of 2017: Robbie Manson

Most Hated Athlete Of 2017: Tom Brady

Television 2017.
Best/Worst Of 2017: Television 

Best Television Show of 2017: American Gods

Worst TV Show of 2017: Star

Best Mini Series or Movie of 2017: Five Came Back

Best Actress on Television of 2017: Elisabeth Moss

Best Actor on Television of 2017: Ricky Whittle

Best Commercial Of 2017: PlayStation, “Gravity Cat”

Music 2017
Best/Worst Of 2017: Music

The Best Musician of 2017: Germind

The Best Musician of 2017: Germind

The Best Musician of 2017: Germind

The Best Musician of 2017: Germind

The Worst Album of 2017: Ed Sheeran - Divide

The Worst Song of 2017: Justin Bieber - Sorry

The Best Male Singer of 2017: Kyle Bielfield

The Best Female Singer Of 2017: Diana Dilee Maher

The Most Overrated Male Singer Of 2017: Ed Sheeran

The Most Overrated Female Singer Of 2017: Taylor Swift

The Best Group Of 2017: Tangerine Dream

The Most Overrated Group Of 2017: Maroon 5

The Music Label Of The Year 2017: Synphaera Records

The Music Comeback Of 2017: Bananarama

Art 2017
Best/Worst Of 2017: Art 

The Best Art Piece Of 2017: Juxtapoz - Adidas Skateboarding

The Best Photograph of 2017: Moin Ahmed - The Man's Stare

The Worst Photograph of 2017 - Unite The Right Image

The Worst Art Piece Of 2017: Bansky's Walled Off Hotel

Musicians 2017
Top 11 Musicians Of 2017

1. Germind

2. Jens Buchert

3. Denny Kay

4. Fourth Dimension

5. Steve Roach

6. Dean Garcia & Rose Berlin Garcia

7. Koan

8. Markus Reuter

9. Byron Metcalf

10. Erik Wøllo

11. Michael Brückner

12. Nhar

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