Best of 2019.

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Best of 2019. 

Top 100 Albums of 2019.

Germind - Absorbient 1

Germind - Absorbient 2

Germind - Quasistellar

Fourth Dimension - Ubique

Eguana - Vanitly

Bvdub - Nights Of Nine Vigils

Side Liner - No Vember

Mystical Sun - Volcanoes And UFO's

Ladytron - Ladytron

Jens Buchert - Exoplanet

Slow Dancing Society - The Dream Council

Ruptured World - Archeoplanetary

Steve Roach - Bloom Ascension

Alan Parsons - The Secret

Rexx Life Raj - California Poppy

Slow Dancing Society - Fantosmes

Carl Stone - Himalaya

Schiller - Morgenstund

Stefan Torto - The Oracle

Eguana - Invisible Civilization Vol. 3

Bluetech - Holotrope

Koan - Briar Rose Side A

Robert Rich - Tactile Ground

Mystic Crock - Seduced Senses

Too $hort - The Pimp Tape Playlist

Too $hort - Hella Disrespectful

Koan - Briar Rose Side B

Brokenkites - Obviously A Major Malfunction

DJ Snake - Carte Blanche

Too $hort - The Sex Tape Playlist

Denny Kay - Eyesonus

Lil Nas X - 7 EP

dreissk - To Nowhere

Brokenkites - The Long Grass of Dusk

Brokenkites - The Labyrinth of Night

Bruno Sanfilippo - Pianette

Eskostatic - Serpentines & Valleys

SPC ECO - Fifteen

Joe Armon-Jones - Turn To Clear View

Arema Arega - The Red Soundtracks

City Girl - Somnolent Nova

Sundial Aeon - Terragenesis

Purl & protoU - Sub Life

Rising Galaxy - Horizons in the Dark

Rhys Fulber - Ostalgia

Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble - Where Future Unfolds

Entheogenic - Hypatia

State Azure - Mirror Infinite

Phora - Bury Me With Dead Roses

Beth Gibbons & The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra & Krzysztof Penderecki - Henryk Górecki: Symphony No. 3 (Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs)

Hayden James - Between Us

Mystical Sun - The Infinite Dive

EyeScream - Hardcore Ambient

Flow - Promise

Doctor Flake - Divagations

Ryan Farish - Art For Life

Marie Davidson - Working Class Woman

Solange - When I Get Home

Paul Avgerinos - Devotion

Rhys Fulber & Blush Response - Corruption Of Form

Sensual Physics - Irrelevance Of Time

Lingua Lustra - Sonic Being

Tau - Tau & The Drones Of Praise

Mur - Heartworn

Soilwork - Verkligheten


Replicant - A Taste Of Midnight

Rachel Zeffira - Elizabeth Harvest

Endless Melancholy - Fragments Of Scattered Whispers

Swallow The Sun - When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light

Blut Aus Nord - Hallucinogen

Siddhartha Barnhoorn - Planet Alpha

Ash Code - Perspektive

Sanhedrin - The Poisoner

Volker Bertelmann - A Different Forest

Raashan Ahmad - The Sun

The Stargazer Lilies - Occabot

Hiromi - Spectrum

HXXS - Year Of The Witch

Cathode Ray Tube - High Cube Drifter

Miracle - The Strife Of Love In A Dream

Andreas Ottensamer - Blue Hour

Killakikitt & NKS - Brigád - 1328

Yimino - Æng

Labros XP - Aenaω

Psycroptic - As The Kingdom Drowns

Say Anything - Oliver Appropriate

Cock & Swan - Dream Alone

Kraak & Smaak - Juicy Fruit

blackbear - Anonymous

Diplodocus - Slow And Heavy

Fall Therapy - You Look Different

Orm - Ir

Tenesha The WordSmith - Peacocks and Other Savage Beasts

Tipper - Jettison Mind Hatch

Sumiruna - Exaltation

Sinepearl - Cycles Within Cycles Within

Colt - Ancient Invaders

HEAVENCHORD - Transparent Colors

Boy Harsher - Careful

Hante. - Fierce

Kælan Mikla - Nott eftir nott

Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Alphaxone - Chronosphere

Batushka - Hospodi

Sverre Knut Johansen - Precambrian

Best of 2019.

Top 100 Songs Of 2019.

Best of 2019.

Top 20 Books Of 2019. 

Randy Ribay - Patron Saints of Nothing

Marcello Garofalo - The Sizzling Nights Of The Diabolical Dr. Carelli

Bill Konigsberg - The Music Of What Happens

Joyce Carol Oates - My Life As A Rat

Kimberly Belle - Dear Wife

Gwen Carr - This Stops Today

Andrew Grey - On Shaky Ground

David Epstein - Range

Tanya Marquardt - Stray

Richard Savin - The Haunting Of Harlequin Goat

Shaun David Hutchinson - The Past And Other Things That Should Stay Buried

Andrew Shivarts - War Of The Bastards

Kiese Laymon - Heavy

CS Joyce - Theo's Game

Matt Serafini - Ocean Grave

Max Gladstone - This Is How You Lose

Julie Piatt - This Cheese Is Nuts

Candice Carty-Williams - Queenie

Abdi Nazemian - Like A Love Story

S.K. Vaughn - Across The Void

Best of 2019.

Top 50 Movies of 2019.


The Last Tree


Knife + Heart

My Best Friend


Just Friends

Last Ferry


The Blond One

Aatos ja Amine




Cold Case Hammarskjold


Between Two Waters

The Silence Of Others

Motherless Brooklyn

The Game Changers

A Prayer For Compassion


We Have Always Lived In The Castle


The Last Man in San Francisco


The Peanut Butter Falcon

Giant Little Ones

3 Days in Quiberon

The Death of Dick Long





The Rest Of Us


Sister Aimee



Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Sound of Metal

The Earthquake Bird

Bathroom Stalls & Parking Lots

The Art Of Racing In The Rain

Dolemite Is My Name


System Crasher



The Lighthouse