Best of 2020.

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Music 2020
Best/Worst Of 2020: Music

Best Musician of 2020: Germind

The Best Album of 2020: Germind - Not Darkness

Best Album of 2020: Germind - Antimatter 5

Best Album of 2020: Germind - Goa Elixir

Best Album of 2020: Germind - Bathyscaphe

Best Album of 2020: Germind - Apocalypse

Best Album of 2020: Germind - Industrial Vibrations, Vol. 2

Best Song of 2020: Grimes - Violence

Worst Album of 2020: 6ix9ine - TattleTales

Worst Song of 2020: 6ix9ine - Gooba

Best Male Singer of 2020: Marc Almond

Best Female Singer Of 2020: Rose Berlin Garcia

Worst Male Singer Of 2020: 6ix9ine

Worst Female Singer Of 2020: Katy Perry

Best Group Of 2020: SPC ECO

Worst Group Of 2020: Jonas Brothers

Music Label Of 2020: Projekt Records

Music Comeback Of 2020: Kylie Minogue

Books 2020
Best/Worst Of 2020: Books

Best Fiction Book Of 2020: Nancy Bilyeau - Dreamland

Best Non Fiction Book of 2020: Kyle Chayka - The Longing for Less: Living with Minimalism

Worst Fiction Book of 2020: Suzanne Collins - The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Worst Non Fiction Book of 2020: Sean Hannity - Live Free Or Die: America (and the World)

Author Of The Year: Nancy Bilyeau

Movies 2020
Best/Worst Of 2020: Movies

Best Movie of 2020: Socrates

Best Erotica Movie of 2020: Equation to an Unknown

Worst Movie of 2020: Like a Boss

Best Actor of 2020: Christian Malheiros

Best Actress Of 2020: Kate Winslet

Worst Actor Of 2020: Robert Downey Jr.

Worst Actress Of 2020: Rose Byrne

Breakout Movie Star of 2021: Félix-Antoine Duval

People 2020
Best/Worst Of 2020: People

Hero of 2020: The Health Care Professionals

Hero of 2020: The Essential Workforce

Hero of 2020: Firefighters

Zero of 2020: The Violent Bullies of Trump

Peacemaker of 2020: David Attenborough

Troublemaker of 2020: Donald J. Trump

Scientist of 2020: Anthony Fauci

Environmentalist of 2020: Extinction Rebellion

Most Annoying Person of 2020: "Karen"

Kindest Person in 2020: Bertie Gregory

Best Political Organization: The Lincoln Project

Funniest Person of 2020: Sarah Cooper

Funniest Person of 2020: Randy Rainbow

Idiot Of 2020: Ted Cruz

Idiot Of 2020: Matt Gaetz

Idiot of 2020: Bill Barr

Hottest Male of 2020: Félix-Antoine Duval

Hottest Female of 2020: Son Ye-jin

Most Annoying Word of 2020: Human Capital

Television 2020.
Best/Worst Of 2020: Television

Best Television Show of 2020: Schitt's Creek

Worst TV Show of 2020: Cuties

Best Mini Series or Movie of 2020: The Good Lord Bird

Best Actor on Television of 2020: Eugene Levy

Best Actress on Television of 2020: Catherine O'Hara

Best Commercial of 2020: Porsche “The Heist”

Art 2020
Best/Worst Of 2020: Art 

Best Photograph of 2020: Viral Photo of Exhausted California Firefighters Sleeping After Working 24-Hour Shifts

Worst Photograph of 2020: Armed Militia Guarding a Statue of Jesus

Best Art Piece Of 2020: Kara Walker - Fons Americanus

Worst Art Piece Of 2020: Maurizio Cattelan - Comedian

Artist of the Year: Martin Davey