December 2020.

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Albums. December 2020.


Lars Leonhard - Spaceflight

Various - Ethneomystica Vol 9

Robert Rich - Neurogenesis

Phaeleh - Illusion of the Tale

Frameworks - Imagine Gold

Lane 8 - Brightest Lights

Gary B - Abstract

The/Das - Exit Strategies

Panthera Krause - It'a A Business Doing Pleasure With You

Maarten - Play To Win

Bongeziwe Mabandla - iimini

Tim Engelhardt - Idiosynkrasia

XOA - Way West

SPC ECO - 12月EP Dec EP

Zero Cult - Black Forest

Lubelski - The Universal Groove

Rasmus Faber - The Pleasure Principle

Martin Gardens - Avalon

Julius Theory - Evolution

Numa - Tranquillitas

Michael Brückner & Detlev Everling - Reiseziel Mond

vcam - Arconide

Blood Cultures - Oh Uncertainty!

TV Girl - Death of a Party Girl

Bill Nelson - Here Comes Mr. Mercury

Fourth Dimension and Mystic Crock - River

SubRosa - No Help For The Mighty Ones

Westside Gunn - Hitler On Steroids

Cool Ghouls - A Swirling Fire Burning Through The Rye

Bárbara Eugenia - Tuda

The Cairo Gang - Goes Missing

Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst - Bergblick

Capa - Chameleon

Lemongrass - Soulful

Five Seasons - Utopia

Mirage of Deep - Spell Night

Forest Swords - Engravings

Shkoon - Letters

Coam - Patterns of Echos in Motion

Cocaine Set - S.O.L.O.M.U.N

Humandala - Sun Cycles

Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers - Maze of Sounds

Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd - Another Flower

Khruangbin - Mordechai

Stick Men with Gary Husband - OWARI

El Drágon Criollo & El Palmas - Color De Trópico

Rada - Armagedon & The Third Wave Revolution

Markus Reuter (featuring Fabio Trentini and Asaf Sirkis) - Truce

Stick Men+ featuring David Cross - Midori

HYVMINE - Retaliation

Songs. December 2020.


Movies. December 2020.


Nadia, Butterfly

Hell House LLC

Benjamin, Benny, Ben


Black Bodies

Akilla's Escape

Events Transpiring Before, During and After a High School Basketball Game

Flowers of the Field



The Walrus and the Whistleblower

The Vinland Club


Escape from Pretoria

Uncle Frank

Books. December 2020.


Kevin Bentley - Let's Shut Out The World

Eric Alan Westfall - The Rake, The Rogue, and The Roué (Another England Book 1)

William Benemann - Unruly Desires: American Sailors and Homosexualities in the Age of Sail

Dick Parker - Big Woody: Bonus Book: Larry the Internet Guy

Daniel Elijah Sanderfer - Whatever Happened To David Lee?

Ersi Sotiropoulos - What's Left of the Night

Andrew Cook - Prince Eddy: The King Britain Never Had (Revealing History)

Patrick E. Horrigan - Pennsylvania Station

Harker Jones - Until September

Hugh Ryan - When Brooklyn Was Queer

Justin Spring - Secret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward, Professor, Tattoo Artist, and Sexual Renegade

Marco Donati - Pages I Never Wrote

Daniel Elijah - Diary of a Baker's Son

André Carl van der Merwe - Moffie

John Glynn - Out East: Memoir of a Montauk Summer

KJ Charles - Slippery Creatures

Farley Granger - Include Me Out

Paul Lisicky - Later: My Life at the Edge of the World

Rabbi Jill Zimmerman - Renew

Chase Connor - Just a Dumb Surfer Dude

Alex Espinoza - Cruising: An Intimate History of a Radical Pastime

Morris Ardoin - Stone Motel: Memoirs of a Cajun Boy

David A.J. Richards - Boys’ Secrets and Men’s Loves: A Memoir

Sudhir Hazareesingh - Black Spartacus

Andre Gide - The Counterfeiters

Timothy Lambert - Foolish Hearts

Tomasz Jedrowski - Swimming in the Dark

Dan Royles - To Make The Wounded Whole

Richard Labonte - Muscle Men

David Wojnarowicz - Close to the Knives

E. Patrick Johnson - Sweet Tea

KJ Charles - A Fashionable Indulgence

Jean Cocteau - The Holy Terrors

Jean Genet - The Criminal Child

Amy Stewart - Girl Waits with Gun

Robin DiAngelo - White Fragility

Brontez Purnell - Since I Laid My Burden Down

Mathew Babaoye - Nightglory (Will, Power, and Title) - C

Stjepan Varesevac Cobets - The Dream of the Forest - A

J. N. Chaney - The Other Side of Nowhere - And Other Stories - B

Dean Koontz - Ricochet Joe - A

Kristina Gallo - Husband for Rent - A

C.L. Beaumont - The Sea Ain't Mine Alone – A+

Robert Thornhill - Lady Justice and the Ghost Whisperer - A

Devan Sagliani - Zombie Attack! Rise of the Horde - A

Jackson Dean Chase - Gore Girls - Twisted Tales & Poems - B

Debbie Young & Dan Holloway - Opening up to Indie Authors - A Guide for Bookstores, Libraries, Reviewers, Literary Event Organisers ... and Self-Publishing Writers - B