December 2018.

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Tom's. Albums. December 2018.

Fabio Keiner - 7 Jisel

Vangelis - Nocturne

Neuroq - Catharsis

Jedidiah - Astrogenetic

Transponder - Beholder

Eelke Kleijn - Moments of Clarity

Eguana - Invisible Civilization Vol. 2

Fans of Jimmy Century - eSensuals

Solaris - Chimera

Lingua Lustra - Nautilus

Remote Vision - Birds Like Earth

Kermesse - Kermesse

Geplantes Nichtstun - Rekonfiguration

Various Artists - Synchronized

Steve Roach - Mercurius

The Spits - Kill The Kool

Bad Sports - Constant Stimulation

Chuck Loeb - Between Two Worlds

Gazpacho - Soyuz

The Tangent - Proxy

Carptree - Subimago

Saliva - 10 Lives

Wale - It's Complicated

Convulsing - Grievous

YOB - Our Raw Heart

Muzikalist - Hypnotic Connection

Amish Teeth - Cummies

offthesky - Enfolding

Endless Melancholy - In The Shadow Of History

Phyllis Weatherskate - Socket

Luke Vibert - UK Garave Vol. 1

Tom's. Songs. December 2018.

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Tom's. Books. December 2018.

Sandi Ward - Something Worth Saving

Kate Devlin - Turned On

M.K. England - The Disasters

Paul Collier - The Future Of Capitalism

Joshua Becker - The Minimalist Home

Tom's. Movies. December 2018.


The Wedding

Mary Queen Of Scots




Clara's Ghost

Teens Like Phil

Central Park


The Possession of Hannah Grace


Never Steady, Never Still

Love, Cecil

The Cakemaker

Alpha Delta Zatan

The Dream Children

My Life With James Dean

Death In Buenos Aires

Uncle Howard

Male Shorts: International V2

Bernard's. Albums. December 2018.

Various artists - The Greatest Showman: Reimagined

Lukas Graham - 3 (The Purple Album)

ZAYN - Icarus Falls

Take That - Odyssey

The Decemberists - Traveling On

AFI - The Missing Man

The Palisades - Erase The Pain

Ice Cube - Everythangs Corrupt

Reel Big Fish - Life Sucks... Let's Dance!

Last Union - Twelve

Van Morrison - The Prophet Speaks

John Mellencamp - Other People's Stuff

21 Savage - i am > i was

Bernard's. Songs. December 2018.

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Bernard's. Books. December 2018.

Dean Koontz - The Silent Corner - A

John Grisham - Camino Island - B

Adam Silvera - More Happy Than Not - A+

Sean August Horvath - PANTONE 3537 UP - A

Jordan Ring - Volcanic Momentum: Get Things Done by Setting Destiny Goals, Mastering the Energy Code, and Never Losing Steam - A

Bernard's. Movies. December 2018.

Logan's Run - B

Robin Hood - D

Kursk - B

Escucha mi canción - B

The Legend of Tarzan - C

The Choice - B

Glembajevi - C