December 2019.

Features. Reviews.

Albums. December 2019.

Monolord - No Comfort

Liam Payne - LP1

Harry Styles - Fine Line

Purl & protoU - Sub Life

Bruno Sanfilippo - Unity


John Williams - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Denny Kay - Eyesonus

Jean-Michel Blais - Matthias & Maxime (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Stormzy - Heavy Is The Head

Marty Thomas - Slow Dancing With a Boy

Neroche - Sleeping On The Ceiling

Mike Posner - Keep Going

HEAVENCHORD - Transparent Colors

Bison Machine Seas Of Titan

Juno Reactor & GMS Into Valhalla

Bocksholm Ironic Discomfort And Cheesy Manners

Camila Cabello - Romance

Will Samson Paralanguage

K. Markov - Interactivity

Abhi The Nomad Marbled

Pale Grey Lore - Eschatology

bvdub | Brock Van Wey Explosions in Slow Motion

J-Walk Mediterranean Winds

Penny Police Be Lucky

Rainmind - Antitime

Bluetech - Holotrope

Animistic Beliefs Mindset​:​Reset

Grieves - The Collections of Mr. Nice Guy

Sinegoma - Now What?

Fear Of Tigers - Cossus Snufsigalonica

The Sound Defects - The Iron Horse

Troels Hammer - The/Human/Tree

Cinnamon Chasers - Great Escape

Merlyn Silva - Spun Sugar

communication Tube - Время рек

Fyze - Old Work

Of Norway, Linnea Dale - Pets

James Murray, Francis M. Gri - Remote Redux

The Bhaktas - Oneness

Olan Mill - Sacred Geometry

Sorin & Shamil - Gateway To The Spirit World

Lemonchill Dancers At The End Of Time

Brian Cid - Meteorite Man

Beck - Hyperspace

Thomas Lemmer & Andreas Bach - Night Travellers

Songs. December 2019.

Books. December 2019.

John Knowles: A Separate Peace

Stjepan Varesevac Cobets - Magic Clogs

Michael Evans - Deadwave (Conspiracy Chronicles #1)

James J. Cudney - Haunted House Ghost

Kristina Gallo - Get over your ex-lover

Movies. December 2019.

Liam: As It Was

The Sound Of Silence




Sound of Metal

The Nightingale

The Rest of Us

The Art of Self-Defense


The Kill Team


The Earthquake Bird

The Day Shall Come

3 Days in Quiberon

Extra Ordinary


Sorry Angel


God Exists, Her Name Is Petrunija



The Golden Glove

Daniel Isn't Real


The Day After I'm Gone


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