December 2021.
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Albums. December 2021


Hallow Under - Hallow Under

Steve Roach, Michael Stearns - Beyond Earth & Sky

bvdub - Hard Times, Hard Hearts

Earth House Hold - Daybreak Basements and Broken Hearts

ForstWölfin - Elation Fungination

Imperative Reaction - Redemption

Hinterland - Codes of the Biosphere

The Watch - The Art of Bleeding

BT - Metaversal

Protonica - Symmetry

Robin Guthrie - Riviera

Valery Vermeulen - Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001

400 Lonely Things - The Morning People

Unusual Cosmic Process - I Believe

FINNEAS - Optimist

Elusive - Nu Nu

Hiromi - Silver Lining Suite

WEB WEB, Max Harre - WEB MAX

Lawrence English - Observation of Breath

Lyra Pramuk - Delta

Ivan Black - Sculpture of Light

Jakob Lindhagen, Dag Rosenqvist - Stadsbilder

Germind - Autumn Dreams

White Sun - Triple

Michael Valentine West - Fallen Feather

Michael Peloso - Life's Little Accidents

Zeuge - Leave The Witch Alone

White Sun - Sadhana

Tipper - Insolito

Praise the Sun - Alchemical Slave: Omen of Fire

War Brides - Regrets

Samo Zoko - Elements

CloZee - Nouvelle Era

Imperative Reaction - As We Fall

Harcore Buddhist - Oriental

Slow Dancing Society - Prologue: The Magic Latern

Myele Manzanza - Crisis & Opportunity, Vol. 2 - Peaks

Air Horse One - Narsa

Johnny Carrera - Unreal Scapes

Sundial Aeon - Synthesis

Stefan Torto - Earth Calling

Katy B - Peace and Offerings

Tauon - Far Away

Qrion - I Hope It Last Forever

Khalab - The Great Oxidation

Lyndsie Alguire - the night is in my mouth

Alan Fitzpatrick - Machine Therapy

Joseph Ray and Lakou Mizik - Leave the Bones

CamelPhat - Dark Matter

Jake Bugg - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

ƘÏÐ ƉΔŦΛ - The Oddity of Existence

Thusgaard & Bierlich - Weekend Cravers

Songs. December 2021.


Movies. December 2021.


Time of Moulting

The Trouble With Nature

Accidental Luxuriance of the Translucent Watery Rebu

Amor Fati

The Nose or the Conspiracy of Mavericks

The Belly of the Sea



Love, Spells and All That

Red Rocket

The Black Phone


Boy Eating The Bird's Food

El Dia Comenzo Ayer

The Hand of God


Jonathan Agassi - Saved My Life

The Long Call

Your Bones and Your Eyes

Red Yellow Pink

Indic (Police) 2013

Books. December 2021.

Marina Vivancos - I've Walked Where You've Been

Agustina Bazterrica - Tender Is The Flesh

Matthew Stokoe - Cows

Thomas Carver - Loud Mouth: Jocks Are Books Book 1

Duncan Ralston - Woom

Sav R. Miller - Promises and Pomegranates

K.F. Breene - A Ruin of Roses

Jovon Joseph - The Truth Behind It All

Karen M. McManus - You'll Be the Death of Me

Makiia Lucier - Year of the Reaper

Oleg Lurye - A Mirror Above the Abyss - B

Mark Ryan - Kill ‘em with kindness - Poetry in forgiving - A

Jonny Garza Villa - Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun - A

Jenni Ogden - A Drop in the Ocean - B

Jayme Bean - Untouched - A

Paul Casselle - New World Order? No Way Out? - How the One-Percenters did it! - B

Michael Scott Garvin - A Faithful Son - A

Derek Doepker - Break Through Your BS: Uncover Your Brain’s Blind Spots and Unleash - B

Kirk Withrow - Threnody - A

Daryl Banner - My Ghost Roommate (Who Helps Me Get The Guy) - A