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December 2022.
Features. Reviews.


Albums. December 2022. 


Robert Rich and Luca Formentini - For Sundays When It Rains

Ladyhawke - Time Flies

Alphaxone - The Infinite Void

Jens Buchert - Dark Serum

Mystic Crock - Seeds

Brandt Brauer Frick - Step

Pantha Du Prince - Garden Gaia

Luke Abbott - Holkham Drones

Modeselektor - Monkeytown

Moshic - Straight To Heaven

SPC ECO - Everything Changes - Oct 2022 Series

SPC ECO - Hide Me In Space EP and Soundtrack - Sept 2022 Series

Transponder - Starmaps, Vol. 1

Killing Joke - Absolute Dissent

Greco Bastián - With a little hell from my friends

Ladytron - Time's Arrow

bvdub & Netherworld - Equilibrium

Lemongrass - Chance

Nick Shoulders & the Okay Crawdad and the Lostines - Heart of Night

Luke Sweeney - Rishi

CRFT - The Light

Fordmastiff - Counterfeit

Kate Ferencz - You Will Love Again

Tinariwen - Kel Tinariwen

Doomocracy - Unorthodox

Karu - An Imaginary Journey

LIONꓘKLASH - Sanzman D'Akor

Saint Jude - Signal

Badlands - Call To Love

Kate Hamann - Momentary Beauty

Boogie Belgique - Machine

Defcee and BoatHouse - For All Debts Public and Private

Julien Chang - The Sale

David Hanke - Turion

Modern Stars - Space Trips For The Masses

Masaru Imada Trio + 1 - Planets

Mali Obomsawin - Sweet Tooth

YUNGMORPHEUS - Burnished Sums

Frank Ene - Cruel à l'amour

The Supplicants - 01​-​04 FORMLESS

Vanessa Wagner - Mirrored

Nate08 - Furaha

Patrick Cowley - Malebox

Symptom Error - Ex Crisis

Tom Houston - PuSHING THE PuLL DOoR

Julien Wilson - Mutations

FaltyDL - A Nurse To My Patience

Heiden - Andzjel

Movulango - Mirror In Man

SPC ECO - Feel The Spice EP - Nov 2022 Series

SPC ECO - Get Useless - Dec Single 2022 Series

SPC ECO - Elevated LP - Dec 2022 Series

Songs. December 2022.


Movies. December 2022.


The Apple Tree


Half A Person

Baby Shark


Three Times

Pagbigyang Muli

Miss Kicki

Adonis X

Kisses To Kevin

The Spanish Gardener

The Schoolmaster Games

Cobalt Blue

Tomorrow Then

The Port


The Almond and the Seahorse

Diamond Rose

Spoiler Alert

The Son


Empire of Light

Peter von Kant


Cairo Conspiracy

Decision to Leave

White Noise

All The Beauty and the Bloodshed

Boiling Point

Books. December 2022.

V. E. Schwab - Gallant

Simone St. James - The Book of Cold Cases

p.m. terrell - Vicki's Key

Javier Zamora - Solito

Joanna Quinn - The Whalebone Theatre

Kate Atkinson - LIfe After Life

Paolo Bacigalipi - Zombie Baseball Beatdown

Deanna Raybourn - Killers of a Certain Age

Deliah S. Dawson - The Violence

Neil Bradbury - A Taste of Poison

Grigor Vitez - Pjesme - B

Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić - Priče iz davnine - B

Thomas Grant Bruso - Past Sins - B

Peter Carey - His Illegal Self - A

Saša Fedorovsky & Željko Kliment - Vukovarski dobrovoljac - B

Thomas Grant Bruso - Shadows in the Night - A

Christopher Rice - Decimate - B

Tone Seliškar - Bratovština Sinjega galeba – B

Robert Stowe - Limousine Stories - A

Bryan Cohen - Self-Publishing and Email Marketing: How to Create and Optimize a Reader Newsletter to Find New Fans, Gather More Reviews, and Sell More Books - A

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