January 2021.

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Albums. January 2021.

Third Development - The Thought of Tomorrow

Trashlagoon - Madhira

Mees Dierdorp - Miso Propin

Sultan + Shepard - Echoes of Life: Day

Lindstrom, Prins Thomas - III

Yppah - Sunset in the Deep End

Blockhead - Quar and Peace

Jon Kennedy - MMXX

Funki Porcini - Boredom Never Looked so Good

Little People - We Are But Hunks Of Wood

Ancient Astronauts, Azeem - Broken Puppets

Roland Tings - Salt Water

Hidden Orchestra - Dawn Chorus

Skalpel - Highlight

The Herbaliser - Same As It Never Was

Red Snapper - Hyena

Ben Bohmer - Breathing

Parra for Cuva - Majouré

Apple & Stone - 42

Echo Season - Solarmetric

Eskadet - Nuages

Tropo - Mira

Bvdub - 101 Rooms

Blugazer - Nysa

Stefan Torto - Repeat

Luttrell - Lucky Ones

Tom Day & Monsoonsiren - Songs for the Living

Editors - Violence

Joris Voorn - Four

Foans - Frontier

Kaito - The Land That Breathes In Millions of Colors

Carl Weingarten - Ember Days

Steve Roach - Into The Majestic

Pearl Charles - Magic Mirror

Real Numbers - Brighter Then

Al Rickjames - Trap Caribbean

Zennyo - Zennyo

Chris Dawkins - Painting Colours

Sabled Sun - 2149

ANIHILA - Silent Annihilation

The Rosenshoul - Low Winter Sun

Martin Stürtzer - Temporal Paradox

Dahlia's Tear - Through the Nightfall Grandeur

Rasmus Juncker - Ophold

Grim Heka - Capital Charm

E-Mantra - Hermetika

Angel Bat Dawid & Tha Brothahood - Live

The Ibrahim Khalil Shihab Quintet - Spring

Mark Wingfield with Jane Chapman and Adriano Adewale - Zoji

John Wright Trio - South Side Soul

Beyond the Ghost - The Last Resort

Songs. January  2021.

Books. January 2021.

Kevin Maurer - Rock Force: The American Paratroopers Who Took Back Corregidor and Exacted MacArthur's Revenge on Japan

Reid Mitenbuler - Wild Minds: The Artists and Rivalries That Inspired the Golden Age of Animation

David Lynch - Room to Dream

John N. Gray - Feline Philosophy: Cats and the Meaning of Life

Avery Bishop - Girl Gone Mad

Brontez Purnell - Johnny Would You Love Me If My Dick Were Bigger

Jayce Ellis - André: A Gay Workplace Romance

Jayce Ellis - Jeremiah

A.M. Arthur - Wild Trail: A Gay Cowboy Romance (Clean Slate Ranch Book 1)

A.M. Arthur - Roped In A Gay Cowboy Romance (Clean Slate Ranch Book 2)

A.M. Arthur - Saddle Up: A Gay Cowboy Romance (Clean Slate Ranch Book 3)

A.M. Arthur - Lucky Break: A Gay Cowboy Romance (Clean Slate Ranch Book 4)

A.M. Arthur - Hard Ride: A Gay Cowboy Romance (Clean Slate Ranch Book 5)

A.M. Arthur - Right Move: A Gay Cowboy Romance (Clean Slate Ranch Book 6)

Sidney Bell - Loose Cannon: (The Woodbury Boys #1)

Sidney Bell - Hard Line: (The Woodbury Boys #2)

Sidney Bell - Rough Trade: (The Woodbury Boys #3)

Charles Raines - Dicing with Danger - B

Jeremy Bates - Mountain of the Dead - A

Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus - Bled White - A

Kellie McAllen - Soulmate - A

Hilary Thompson - Balance Broken - B

Movies. January 2021.

County Lines


Promising Young Woman



Breaking Fast


The Night

French Exit

Tom and Jerry

The Reckoning


Deep in Vogue

The Strong Ones

I Care A Lot

A Skeleton In The Closet