January 2022.
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Albums. January 2022. 


Neznamo - Molva

Parris - Polychrome Swim

Androcell - Imbue

Gaussian Curve - Clouds

Germind - My Space

Lemongrass - Smile

Swallow The Sun - Moonflowers

Slow Dancing Society - Red Sun Chadeauxs

bvdub - Measures of a Greater Mercy

Jens Buchert - Meteor

Slow Dancing Society - Galilee's Dream

Dean Garcia - Doom n Boom

Benjamin James Stewart - Spaces

SPC ECO - Break Apart - Oct 2021

SPC ECO - Return - Nov 2021

SPC ECO - Haunted - Dec 2021

Robin Guthrie - Springtime

Ailuronyx - Flower's Secret Life

Side Liner - Missing Pieces of the Puzzle Part 5

Germind - Tears

Blugazer - Moonsets

Steve Roach - Zones, Drones and Atmospheres

AstroPilot - Rhododendron

AstroPilot - Earthwalk

Zaranka - Archaic

Mindwarden - Timeless

Martins Garden - Diva

arcane device - mechanismos

Random Movement - Lost On Purpose

Submorphics - Detroit Haze

Fox - Squang Dangs in the Keys of Vibes

FD - Still The Same

Commix - Call To Mind

Marcus Intalex - 21

Utah Jazz - The Music Factory

Bachelors of Science - The Space Between

Nu:Tone - Little Spaces

London Elektricity - Building Better Worlds

Brookes Brothers - Orange Lane

State of Mind - Land Of The Blind

Black Sun Empire - The Wrong Room

A Vision of Panorama - Unique Tiger

Jex Opolis - Net Worth

Fuga Ronto - Greatest Treasure

Prins Emanuel - Arbete/Fritid

Wilson Tanner - 69

Lord Of The Isles - Parabolas of Neon

Songs. January 2022.


Movies. January 2022.


The House

The Gilded Age

The Man With The Answers

Fucking Berlin

The Ghosts of Borley Rectory

Arrebato (Rapture)


LA Plays Itself

Hot Legs

The Summer House


Single All The Way

Sequin In A Blue Room

The Collini Case

White Colour Black

Are We Lost Forever?



Bed Buddies

The Labyrinth of Sex


Death to 2021

he Rebellion of Red Maria

The Immeasurable


Father and Son (2015)

Venus in the Garden

Meth head


Love In Thoughts

Pored Mene

The Story of the Stone

Books. January 2022.

Mira Grant - Feed

Jonathan Maberry - Rot & Ruin

Carrie Ryan - The Forest of Hands & Teeth

Tom Clavin - Lightning Down: A World War II Story of Survival

Rebecca Frankel - Into the Forest: A Holocaust Story of Survival, Triumph, and Love

J.R. Ellis - The Body in the Dales

Rachel McLean - The Corfe Castle Murders

Ann Wolbert Burgess, Steven Constantine - A Killer by Design: Murderers, Mindhunters, and My Quest to Decipher the Criminal Mind

Faith Jones - Sex Cult Nun: Breaking Away from the Children of God, a Wild, Radical Religious Cult

Claire Oshetsky - Chouette

Nesly Clerge - When the Dragon Roars - A

Robert Thornhill - Lady Justice and the Spy - B

Nick Thacker - The Enigma Strain - B

Nick Thacker - The Amazon Code - B

Miles A. Maxwell - Loss of Reason (State of Reason #1) - B

Art. January 2022.

Xie Lei

Miranda Forrester

Mongezi Ncaphayi

Yulia Losilzon

Yu Qiping

Hana Ward

Wanda Koop

Philippe Parreno

Pieter Hugo

Sam Gilliam

People. January 2022.

Ms. Fitz

Turquoise Lejeune Parker

Black Santa

UPS driver goes out of his way to hide packages

Bethel Park High School High School Athletes Shovel Snow For Their Neighbors as Special Weightlifting Assignment for Football Team

Oceanshield mask New Plant-based Biodegradable Masks Close the Recycling Loop with Free Return of Used Ones

Huang Yung Fu - Rainbow Village: 84-Year-Old Saves Neighborhood From Bulldozer By Painting Every Street With Joyful Colors

Brian Arya - Lincoln Tunnel Motel

Two big sisters help young brother take his first steps.

Anonymous Shopper Buys Iconic Pantera Guitar For Young Rocker Who Always Came in the Shop to Play it

The Simpsons - Protestant Heaven vs. Catholic Heaven