July 2020.

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Albums. July 2020.

Paul Jordan - The Sum of All Parts

Sync24 - Acidious

Japanski Premijeri - Mikroraptor

Digitalis - The Early Years: 1995-2000

Hibernation - Organic Technology

Kaya Project - body.mind.soul

Airform - Province of Mirrors

Believer - Dimensions

kek:et - kek:et

Martin Stürtzer - Far Beyond the Stars

K. Markov - Visitors

Fragile X - The Butterfly Effect

Ysengrin - Initiatio

BENIGHTED IN SODOM - Carrier of Poison Apples

Weeping Sores - False Confession

XYTHLIA - Immortality Through Quantum Suicide

Saib. - Jet Set

Tridact - Unknown Planes

Guy Buttery - Guy Buttery & The Bandura Express Marimba Ensemble

Quin Kirchner - The Shadows and The Light

The Night Terrors - Pavor Nocturnus

Tica Douglas - Lo

Ryan Farish - Land of the Sky

Paul Hardcastle - Hardcastle 9

Steve Spacek - Houses

Empathy Test - Monsters

State Azure - Streams

State Azure - Streams II

City Girl - Goddess of the Hollow

City Girl - Siren of the Formless

Lars Leonhard - Planetary Nebula

Lars Leonhard - Solar Observer

Globular & Geoglyph - Messages From The Resonator

Emancipator - Mountain of Memory

In Love With A Ghost - healing

Sepia - Towards the Sky

Sourone - Loop Asylum

Sevish - Horixens

Little Dragon - New Me, Same Us

Radioactive Sandwich - Planet

Radioactive Sandwich - Additions

Aes Dana - Inks

Martin Nonstatic - Apana

Cell - Live in Corfu

Good Lee - We Are

Krusseldorf - Cloud Songs

Numa Gama - Me Redeshenho

RAMZI - cocon

Miles Matrix - French Riviera

Michael Elliot - Retro Summer

CloZee - Evasion

CloZee - Neon Jungle

Beats Antique - Shadowbox

HEXSYSTEM - Interface

Symbolico - Perceiving All

Amon Tobin - Long Stories

Thys & Amon Tobin - Ghostcards

NICEGU¥ - 未来の波長

Lust Luxure - Voyeur

NinjA Cyborg - The Sunny Road

Nick D'Virgilio - Invisible

David Rees - Amarillo

The Jayhawks - Xoxo

Bush - The Kingdom

The Chicks - Gaslighter

Kansas - The Absence of Presence

Ellie Goulding - Brightest Blue

The Aces - Under My Influence

Ronan Keating - Twenty Twenty

Songs. July 2020.

Movies. July 2020.

Handsome Enigma

Ang Huling El Bimbo: The Musical by Dingdong Novenario

Breaking Fast

Bedtime Stories: Minha luta

Bedtime Stories: Blissing Deal

Present Still Perfect


De Patrick



Drama Girl

If The Sun Explodes

Noura Rêve

La llorona

La fille au bracelet

Only the Animals

Hoa Binh



First Cow

Certain Women

Old Joy

Night Moves

Wendy and Lucy

The Ballad of Lefty Brown

Meek's Cutoff

Out of Blue

River of Glass

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

Saint Francis


3 Days to Kill

The Wave

Books. July 2020.

Michael Clark - The Patience of a Dead Man

Bernard Foong - A Harem's Boy's Saga

Richard Rothstein - The Color of Law

Jay Raven - Crimson Siege

Uvi Poznansky - The David Chronicles

Louise Blackwick - Vivian Amberville Series

Judith Arnopp - The Beaufort Chronicles Series

Alice Blanchard - Natalie Lockhart Series

Paul Cude - Bentwhistle the Dragon Series

Jan Romes - Texas Boys Falling Fast Series

Christopher Henderson - Artemis

James J. Cudney - Frozen Stiff Drink

Eliot Peper - Veil

Michael Evans - Lone Wolf (Conspiracy Chronicles #6)

James Dashner - The Fever Code

Stefan Vucak - Autumn Leaves

Ray Hecht - Always Goodbye

Dean Koontz - The Mercy of Snakes (Nameless #5)

Adam Silvera - Infinity Son (Infinity Cycle, #1)

Kristina Gallo - The guy from another league

Benjamin Alire Sáenz - Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe