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June 2021.
Features. Reviews.

Albums. June 2021


Erik Wøllo - North Star

jarguna - Animas​-​k

Ryan Farish - Halcyon

Cinnamon Chasers - Doorways

Mitch Murder - Then Again

All India Radio - Afterworld

Anatolian Sessions - Passage of Mjora

Del Amitri - Fatal Mistakes

Lilly Hiatt - Trinity Lane

All Them Witches - ATW

Daniel Romano - Modern Pressure

Young Rebel Set - Crocodile

Buffalo Tom - Three Easy Pieces

Mystic Crock & Chillheimer - Oceanfloor

Nikos Giousef, Irene Tiniakou, George Katsanos - Adagios from the Underground

Andy Clap - A Trip Around Forest

Hibernation - Glitch Jazz Vol. 1

MIKTEK - Hereafter

Martins Garden - Samsara

A Path Untold - The Secret Subtle Light

Futexture - Amphibelle

Hoshiko Yamane - Sketches (Stories of 100 Years Ago)

Lauge, Fallen Metropolis, Alvaro Suarez - May 7

Lemongrass - Orange

Shingo Nakamura - Glow

Tori Dake - jiyū

Nhii - Kindisch Stories

Raw Main - Le Chat Noir

Kermesse - Awake

Laroz Camel Rider - Magnetic Dreams

Kleintierschaukel - D-Tales

Jacob Groening - Kanun

L'Impératrice - Tako Tsubo

Ninze - Comode 01

Geju - Miros Placut

Nomusicians - Ontologically Thinner Than Red

Voyou - Chroniques terrestres, Vol. 1

Sergey Pushkin - Storytailor

Räubermukke & Landhouse - Whirling

Räubermukke - Cosmix

Sam Shure - Laconia

Kunterweiß - Tüdel

MONKYMAN - Acid Love Story

Zoe Reijue - Dan De Moon

Niju, Rasar - Mountains of the Moon

Kalaman - Sol

Aphasia - Cingulate

5AM - Deep See

Songs. June 2021.


Books. June 2021.


TJ Klune - Wolfsong

Eric Cervini - The Deviant's War

Sarah Kendzior - Hiding In Plain Sight

Hiroko Oyamada - The Hole

Eric Nguyen - Things We Lost to the Water

Michelle Zauner - Crying in H Mart

Suyi Davies Okungbowa - Son of the Storm

Z.R. Ellor - May The Best Man Win

Daniel Aleman - Indivisible

Angeline Boulley - Firekeeper's Daughter

Carolyn Howard-Johnson - Great Little Last-Minute Editing Tips for Writers - The Ultimate Frugal Reference Guide for Avoiding Word Trippers and Crafting Gatekeeper-Perfect Copy, 2nd Edition - A

Stephen Kozeniewski - The Ghoul Archipelago - C

Jeremy Bates - White Lies - A

Tamsin Baker - Grayson's Mate - C

James J. Cudney - Legally Blind Luck - A

Movies. June 2021.



The Boy Foretold By The Stars

Dance of the 41

Why Not You

Funny Boy


Poppy Field

Walking With Shadows

Two Eyes

Revenge In Kind



Flowers of the Field

Tell The World I Love You

Cop Secret


Silk Road

Four Good Days

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Looks That Kill



Liars & Cheats

Blue Miracle

The House That Dripped Blood

Tell No One


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