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March 2022.
Features. Reviews.


Albums. March 2022. 


Uppermost - Digital Realism

Setsuna - Zäme

Michael Shrieve - Spellbinder

Aeron Aether - Landscapes & Dimensions

Syxtra - Level 13

SPC ECO - Precious Life - March 2022 Series

Jakuzi - Fantezi Müzik

Slowdive - Slowdive

Paragon Cause - Autopilot

Palm Ghosts - Singles + B Sides

SPECTRES - Hindsight

Mirror Of Haze - The End Is The Beginning

Minuit Machine - Don't Run From The Fire

Vlimmer - Nebenkörper

Blankenberge - Everything

AMPHIOR - Another Presence

Blocks & Escher - Something Blue

Ulterior Motive - The Fourth Wall

Need for Mirrors - Flames

Enei - Rituals

Eastcolors - Heartbroken

bvdub - Rain Drop

Bill Nelson - Chameleon

Paul Hardcastle - Hardcastle X

Jahaan Shah - More

Marina - Ancient Dreams in A Modern Land

Chevelle - Niratias

Anton Kubikov - Neverless

Saafi Brothers - Make Pictures With The Sound

The Black Fall - Clear Perception

Eddie Silverton - Rotation

Lawrence English - Observation of Breath

Fennesz - AUN

Thomas Köner - Nuuk

Machinefabriek - Our Arms Grew Together (Music for a performance by Marta & Kim)

Ascendant - Illuminate: Yellow

Ascendant - Illuminate: Green

Ascendant - Illuminate: Blue

Huntertones - Time To Play

MonoNeon - Put On Earth For You

Tronik Youth - Youth Is Wasted On The Young

Jonny Nash, Ana Stamp - There Up Behind The Moon

Swingrowers - Hybrid

Lamuzgueule - Iceberg Club

The KDMS - Kinky Dramas and Magic Stories

40 Thieves, Alona - The Sky Is Yours

Smith & Mudd - Le Suivant

Faze Action - Body of One

Jimpster - Birdhouse

6th Borough Project - Find Your Rhythm

edapollo - Blue Spring

Liminal Drifter - The Dreams

Songs. March 2022.


Movies. March 2022.


The Dropout

Down In Paris

Parallel Mothers

The North Water

Alone With You


One In A Thousand

The Swimming Trunks (le maillot de bain)

The Inmate (Selda)

The Mess He Made

Dear Fredy



Hooked on Strippers 03 at STOCK Bar

Kid Fish

Fortune and Men’s Eyes

Andy Warhol To Se Vrati

Kissing Game





Riding Alone For Thousands of Miles

The Affairs of Lidia

Books. March 2022.

Sean R. Bell - The Grandfather Chronicles

Raelle Logan - Captured By A Pirate

Sameer Garach - Dakota and the American Dream

Peter Martin - Old Flame

Catherine Cavendish - The Malan Witch

Jonathan Janz - The Nightmare Girl

Patti Jean - The Fall of Tomorrow

Irina Shapiro - Murder Sea Witch

S. Rodman - Evil Omega

Kathleen Bednar - Otherworldy

Katee Robert - Neon Gods

Maurice Perkins - Born in Stockport

Robin Roughley - None

Belinda Roberts - Precious Matter

Mark Bierman - Vanished

Jay Williams - Souls on Fire

Trafton Crandall - Blackstone

Marcia Clayton - The Mazzard Tree

Teresa Reasor - Rusty Nail

Scott Austin Tirrell - The Mourning Son

Gary Polisano - Slow Drip

Ron Foster - Seashells and Shotshells

Brenda Guiton - Beneath the Poison Tree

Kimberly Keyes - Playing Her Song

Željko Bujan - Dolina Totema

Ray Garton - Crucifax

Angelus Maximus - Betrayal of the Arcani 2 - First Trial

Walter Lord - A Night to Remember

Kristina Gallo - The Mermaid From My Nightmare

Art. March 2022.

Wilson Imini

Stuart Sandford

Tracey Emin

Jeffrey Melo

Afarin Sajedi

Kisung Koh

Miss Van

Silvia Idili


Ella & Pitr

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