May 2018.

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Tom's. Albums. May 2018.

Nacho Sotomayor - La Roca X

Shunkan Idou - Perspective

Tabula Rasa - Obsqure

In The Branches & Bluetech - Behind The Sky

Slow Dancing Society - The Torchlight Parade Vol. 1

Bioscape - Imagine Alchemy

Steve Roach - Molecules Of Motion

Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer

Kuba - Time By The River

Juno Reactor - The Mutant Theatre

Ad Astra - Plenum Atlas

Avørste - Wave-Particle Duality

Hiroshi Watanabe - Threshold of Eternity

Klaus Schulze - Silhouettes

Synthetic Epiphany - Augment

Brynjolfur - Luminous

Tea Tree - Leguminous

Tryptich - Recharge

Ism - Self Seeded

Choop Project - Ocean Of Noise

UCHU - Decompiled

beatfarmer - Encounter

Be Svendsen - Alchemie

Xenoscapes - Low-Key Shadows

Matt Dwellers - Mazer

Various Artists - Core Vol. 1 (Flexout)

Plantrae - Seeing In The Dark

The Blackwater Fever - Delusions

DeepChord - Hash-Bar Loops

Chicane - The Place You Can't Remember The Place You Can't Forget

Eguana - Stardust

Mechanical Plague - Osu Ota

Kaya Project - Up From The Dust

Poolside - Heat

Brucken/Froese - Beginn

Unseen Dimensions - Rock With Me

Various Artists - Zero Gravity Interchill Records

Maluns - Bloodline Hunter

Solar Fields - Ourdom

Aukai - Branches Of Sun

Ashtar Command - American Sunshine

Phutureprimitive - Flow

Benn Jordan - Planet Nine

Himmelsrandt - 4 Moments & Rain

Grouch - Corpus Callosum

Erothyme - A Light In The Deeper Spaces

Aether - Flower In Winter

Somatoast & Zonra - Unraveling

The Adaptive - Evolve

In The Branches - Monuments

Tom's. Songs. May 2018.

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Tom's. Books. May 2018.

Sky Boss - Atomic Banana

John Foster - Album Art - New Music Graphics

Joyce Carol Oates - The Accursed

Elaine Castillo - America Is Not The Heart

Harriet Jacobs - Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl

Galway Kinnell - Collected Poems

Tom's. Movies. May 2018.

City Of Ghosts

Beauty (Skoonheid)


A Ciambra

The Yellow Birds


The Manor


Fishbowl California

Duck Butter

Most Likely To Murder

Wait For Your Laugh

The Unattainable Story

Pass Over


Hotel Artemis


Al Berto

A Place To Be


Bernard's. Albums. May 2018.

Shawn Mendes - Shawn Mendes

Various artists - Eurovision Song Contest Lisbon 2018

Maluma - F.A.M.E.

Charlie Puth - Voicenotes

Snow Patrol - Wildness

BTS - Love Yourself 轉 'Tear'

Mat Kearney - Crazytalk

Loreena McKennitt - Lost Souls

James Bay - Electric Light

Chvrches - Love Is Dead

Shinedown - Attention Attention

Hoobastank - Push Pull

Matt and Kim - Almost Everyday

The Lacs - Dirt Rock

Jonathan Davis - Black Labyrinth

Courtney Barnett - Tell Me How You Really Feel

Sevendust - All I See Is War

Nellie McKay - Sister Orchid

Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Burn The Priest - Legion: XX

Bernard's. Songs. May 2018.

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Bernard's. Books. May 2018.

Jordan Ring - Book Launch Gladiator - The 4 Phase Approach to Kindle Book Marketing Success in 2018 - A

L.M. Brown - Forbidden Waters (Mermen & Magic #1) - A

Haley Belinda - Amy's Rainy Game - B

Eliot Peper - Bandwidth - A

Bernard Jan - Look for Me Under the Rainbow

Bernard's. Movies. May 2018.

Good Kill - C

How to Be Single - C

Beyond the Reach - C

No Strings Attached - C