May 2022.
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Albums. May 2022. 


Matt LaJoie - Red Resonant Earth

Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Fire Escape

Calexico - El Mirador

The Main Squeeze - To Be Determined

Hatchback, Ocean Moon - Journey in Onarimon

Shikimo - Umbra Complex

Elles Bailey - Shining In The Half Light

Pablo Bolivar, Mind Groove - Dream Sequence

SPC ECO - Be Everything EP - April 2022 Series

State Azure - Cepheus Origin

Inkswel & The Snaglepuss - Chasing Infinity

bvdub - Hearts of Stone

Gas - Gas 0095

SPC ECO - Just This - May 2022 Series

Third Son - Small Dick Big Dreams

Sine - Einklang

Alex Cortiz - Barista

Ott - Heads

Geometric - XOLOTL

Melody Gardot & Philippe Powell - Eux Deux

Fort Romeau - Beings of Light

Octo Octa - Resonant Body

Daphni - Joli Mai

Sau Poler - Nocturno

Giriu Dvasios - Audos

Lis Sarroca - No Wait

Wayward - Waiting for the World

Batu - Opal


Forest Drive West - Apparitions

Pistol Pete - Monochrome, Vol. 1

Boris Acket - Home

Eye Q - Please The Nation

Moon Tooth - Phototroph

Serpiente Negra Ensamble - Black Guzman

Angular Grana - Opera Rotas

Yelfris Valdés - For The Ones...

Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua - Ajo Se Po

Various Arists - Psycho/Soma

Surly - Trip To Warsaw

Morwell - Souls

Black Star - No Fear of Time

Emapea - Smuggling Town

The Deli - Spacetime

Long Birds - I Had A Dream I Was Skateboarding

Stress Positions - Walang Hiya

Spiter - Bathe the Babe in Bats' Blood

Spunkshine - A Memory of Something Vast and Elemental

Crime of Passing - Crime of Passing

Straw Man Army - SOS

Songs. May 2022.


Movies. May 2022.



Don't Worry, Darling




Love, Death and Robots



Tenderness of the Wolves

He Hated Pigeons

Sex Express Coffee


Blind Date

Don't Blame Jack

Penda's Fen

Happiness At It's Worst


Michael Joseph Jason John

Small Time Revolutionary

The Song of Sway Lake



The Blue Flower of Novalis

Heaven in Auschwitz


Read Between The Lines

Books. May 2022.

Mike DeLucia - Madness: The Man Who Changed Basketball

Sienna Frost - Obsidian Awake

Shauna Lawless - The Children of Gods and Fighting Men

Rodney D. Roby - Paralyzed Emotions

Graham Hancock - Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth's Lost Civilization

Catherine Ryan Hyde - Boy Underground - A

Jenn Lyons - The Discord of Gods

Katherine E. Standefer - Lightning Flowers: My Journey to Uncover the Cost of Saving a Life

Jack London - A Daughter of the Snows - B

Eliot Peper - Reap3r - A

Thomas Drago - Crow Creek - C

Mark Twain, Michael West - The Prince and the Pauper (New Method Supplementary Reader Stage 2) – B

Art. May 2022.

Thukral & Tagra

Sudarshan Shetty

Ranbir Kaleka

Giorgio Celin

Frida Orupabo

Howard Hodgkin