October 2020.

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Albums. October 2020.


Sleep Maps - A Bigger Kind of Home

Deftones - Ohms

Doseone - Sludge Life

Ruth and Emilia - Kokowanda Bay

Deep In Mind - Autumn To Spring

Greg Gould - 1998

Suseti - A State Before Dreams

Kerensa Stephens - Supernature

Eguana - Destiny, Vol. 2

Koan - Munchausen Trilemma

Germind - Antimatter 5

Moshic - 36 Ants In My Coffee

Eelke Kleijn - Oscillations

Clan of Xymox - Spider on the Wall

Of Norway - Sorry For Sitting On Your Furniture

Nacho Sotomayor - Aegeus

Bassnectar - All Colors

Tripswitch - Memento Mori

One Arc Degree - Gravity Shaped

The Acacia Strain - Slow Decay

Entheogenic - Animism

SPC ECO - 10月EP October EP

Nautilus - The Mystery of Waterfalls

Eguana - Qvantur

Rock Candy Funk Party - The Groove Cubed

Oz Noy - Booga Looga Loo

Adam Nitti - Not of This World

Alain Caron - Multiple Faces

Autechre - Sign

Kraut - Lilium

Rapossa - Carouselland

Johnny Hates Jazz - Wide Awake

Kraut - Atemporal

State Azure - Rimtöl

Rhys Fulber - Baut Mit!

TEG - Stargazer

Yong Jai Kim - Reina Del Viento EP

Smashing Pumpkins - CYR

Svemirko - Tunguzija

Idoli - Mini

PINKCOURTESYPHONE - Leaving Everything To Be Desired

Sundial Aeon - Extasis

Dr. Strangefunk - Cerebellum

Busdriver - Thumbs

Single Lash - Providence

Automelodi - Surlendemains Acides


Meishi Smile - ...Belong

Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft - A Heart So White

Blessed are the Hearts that Bend - The limitless sweet love of precious suffering

Eguana - Cosmos Vol. 2

Songs. October 2020.


Movies. October 2020.


Sunny Skies




2 Hearts


This Is Not A Movie

Don't Look Back

The Empty Man

After We Collided


Come Play



Free Guy

Death on the Nile

New Order

The Human Voice

Night of the Kings



The Disciple

Tragic Jungle

One Night In Miami

Dear Comrades


7 Minutes

Are We Lost Forever

Song Lang

Young Hunter

Books. October 2020.


Rob Halford - Confess

Mark J Newman - Violence In The Blood

Judy Keith - The Wicked Witch Anthology

E.E. Holmes - Spirit Legacy (The Gateway Trilogy Book 1)

Chris Packard - Queer Cowboys: And Other Erotic Male Friendships in Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Philippa Gregory - The White Princess - A

Jeremy Bates - Neighbors - B

Mackenzie Lee - The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue (Montague Siblings, #1)

J. R. Ward - Black Dagger Legacy - Blood Kiss - B

Norma Hinkens - Judgement - B

Thomas Grant Bruso - The Unbroken Circle - A

Kristina Gallo - The Player Without Luck - B

Michael Evans - Troubled World - A

Eliot Peper - Uncommon Stock - Exit Strategy - A

T. Buburuz - Supercharge Your Book Sales with Unbiased Reviews - A